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Superior Sound Dampening: Our Acoustic Solutions

At K&G Distribution, our skill in technical insulation allows us to offer a diverse range of acoustic solutions, tailor-made to suit a myriad of applications. Every acoustic product we offer is engineered to maximise sound reduction and enhance the acoustical properties of your space, achieving an optimal balance between performance and sound control.

Customised Acoustic Ductwork Solutions

At K&G Distribution, we offer superior quality, tailor-made ductwork solutions designed specifically for optimal sound control and noise reduction in various environments.

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Acoustic Wall Panels

High-performance panels designed to enhance sound absorption and improve acoustic quality in any space.

Acousti-Flex Cut to Size

Versatile Acousti-Flex panels, custom-cut for precise fitting, offer improved sound control in various environments.


Acousti-Lag, an exceptional solution for noise reduction, providing durable, effective insulation for a variety of spaces.

Cold Store

Class-O Acoustic Foam, ideal for cold stores, enhances thermal insulation and sound absorption in 1.5m x 1m dimensions.

Isover Acoustic Partition Roll

Isover Acoustic Partition Roll provides efficient soundproofing, ideal for enhancing acoustics within partition walls.

Every product can be tailored to your specific needs, guaranteeing a seamless fit and top-tier performance. Make your move for superior insulation today!

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HVAC Products and Solutions

We are not just a supplier but a trusted advisor for your HVAC needs. We offer insightful recommendations, and bespoke HVAC solutions, all designed to meet your specific project demands.

  • Prioritising Customer Satisfaction

    Our service extends beyond mere product provision. We put your needs at the forefront, striving for exceptional customer service that matches the quality of our HVAC products and solutions. Your satisfaction is our utmost reward.

  • Customer Focused Service

    Our dedication to service extends beyond products. At K&G Distribution, we prioritize your needs, providing a customer-centric approach that guarantees satisfaction with our high-quality Ancillaries Products and solutions.

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