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Premium Textile Products: Boosting Your Insulation and Building Needs

Explore the vast range of textile products at K&G Distribution, specially crafted to meet your insulation and building requirements. From heat-resistant fabrics to insulation tapes, our products cater to a diverse array of applications, ensuring optimal thermal performance and ease of installation in any building project. Embrace the high quality and adaptability our textiles provide for your construction needs.

Complete Textile Solutions for Your Insulation and Building Needs

Experience the diversity of K&G Distribution's textile offerings, tailored to fortify and amplify your insulation and building projects. Our products guarantee superior performance and effortless installation across a variety of applications. The array in this category includes:

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Admiralty (Heavy Duty) Cloth

Robust cloth intended for heavy-duty applications, offering durable and sustained performance.

Aluminised Glass Cloth

Durable, heat-resistant E-Glass rope, perfect for sealing and insulation applications.

E-Glass Rope

Superior quality tool, excelling in precision cutting across different materials, suitable for diverse operations.

Glass Webbing Tape

Heat-resistant E-Glass ladder tape, offering superior thermal insulation and sealing properties.

Grey Silicone Cloth

Silicone-coated cloth designed for heat resistance and protection in high-temperature environments.

No10 Glass Scrim Cloth

Durable glass scrim cloth, suitable for reinforcement and repair in various applications.

Plain E Glass Cloth

Versatile glass cloth in 200g and 400g weights, perfect for insulation and reinforcement tasks.

Velcro - Hooks & Loops

Versatile Velcro fastening solution with hooks for secure, adjustable connections.

Velcro - Loop

Reliable loop component of Velcro, offering easy, secure closures in diverse applications.

THS Glass Cloth Roll

Melanex Glass Cloth Roll (200g & 400g), versatile and strong, ideal for insulation and reinforcement tasks.

Our diverse selection of Textile Building Products can be tailored to ensure a perfect integration and deliver exceptional performance. Take your construction projects to the next level today!

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Textile Building Materials

Explore our comprehensive range of high-quality Textile Building Products. Our deep industry knowledge and commitment to quality allow us to provide products that align perfectly with your specific construction and architectural needs.

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    We are more than just a supplier. We act as your reliable partner for Textile Building Products, offering expert advice and personalized solutions to cater to your unique project requirements.

  • Customer-Centric Approach

    Our dedication extends beyond products. At K&G Distribution, we place your needs at the forefront, providing a customer-centric approach that ensures satisfaction with our superior Textiles Products and services.

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