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Outstanding Pipe Support Solutions: Tailored For Your Success

At K&G Distribution, we apply our profound technical knowledge to offer an extensive range of pipe supports, each meticulously crafted to suit a variety of applications. Every pipe support solution in our selection is designed to bolster structural stability and ensure enduring performance. We are proud to offer solutions that blend high performance with exceptional durability seamlessly. Our commitment to customisation and bespoke design ensures our pipe supports significantly elevate your projects, striking the perfect balance between quality, robustness, and practicality.

Custom Pipe Support Solutions: Engineered for Excellence

Indulge in high-quality, bespoke metal products from K&G Distribution, designed for enhanced durability and efficiency across a variety of applications.

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Channel Nuts, BZP

Designed for durability, these rust-resistant nuts offer secure fastening in strut systems, ensuring a long-lasting performance.

SUP - Ball Hangers

These hangers provide a versatile hanging solution, offering a strong suspension and easy adjustability across diverse applications.

SUP 100 - Split Bands

Rust-resistant split bands with a BZP finish ensure robust fastening and enduring performance.

SUP 104 S/E 'U' Bolt

Reliable 'U' Bolt offering steadfast pipe installation, a versatile tool for all your needs.

SUP 170 - Filbows Clamp

Multipurpose fastening solution promising firm and reliable connections across various applications.

SUP 203 - Bow Nuts

Heavy-duty bow nuts, providing secure fastening and tension control for diverse industrial tasks.

Surefix Backplates

Solid brass backplates offering dependable, durable support for various pipe installations.

Surefix Munsen Ring Backplate Chrome

Chrome backplate combining strength with aesthetics, providing robust support for all pipe types.

Surefix Munsen Ring Galv Malleable Iron

Galvanised malleable iron ring offering durable, rust-resistant support for pipes in challenging conditions.

Surefix Munsen Ring Malleable Iron Backplate

Sturdy backplate made from malleable iron, ensuring secure and enduring support for various pipe installations.

Surefix Munsen Ring Pipe Supports Brass

Robust brass pipe supports ensuring secure installation and enduring performance for diverse piping systems.

Surefix Munsen Ring Pipe Supports Chrome

Chrome pipe supports that blend strength and style, offering reliable installation for various pipes.

Surefix Munsen Rings

Malleable iron rings offering robust support for pipe installations, ensuring longevity.

Surefix School Board Clips

Durable iron board clips providing lasting functionality, ideal for educational uses or display purposes.

Surefix School Board Clips Brass

Robust brass clips offering enduring durability with a classic look, ideal for holding school boards or displays.

Surefix School Board Clips Chrome

Sturdy chrome clips designed to provide a secure and durable hold for school boards or various displays.

PS200 Mineral Wool Pipe Supports

Firm and stable supports for insulated pipes, enhancing long-term thermal efficiency.

Split Bands, Powder Coated

Corrosion-resistant split bands with powder coating, ensuring a secure hold and longevity.

Surefix XL - Rubber Lined Clip

Extra-large, rubber-lined clips for secure, vibration-damping installations in heavy-duty applications.

Surefix XL - Unlined Clip

Extra-large unlined clips providing robust and secure connections in diverse applications.

Guide Clips - Silicone Lined

Heat-resistant silicone-lined guide clips ideal for secure, insulated pipe installations.

Heavy Duty Surefix HD - Rubber Lined

Heavy-duty, rubber-lined clips providing vibration reduction and noise control for secure installations.

Heavy Duty Surefix HD - Unlined Clip

Heavy-duty unlined clips offering robust and secure fastening for diverse applications.

Link Eyes

Essential components for chain connections, ensuring safe, robust, and reliable linking in various applications.

Low Friction Slide Guides

Slide guides providing controlled movement and alignment for piping systems, ensuring smooth operation.

SUP Threaded Rod (Cut Studding)

Durable cut studding, perfect for secure installations, featuring a BZP finish for enhanced longevity.

Experience exceptional performance with our high-quality, customised pipe supports, designed for optimal durability and efficiency across a diverse range of applications.

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